About Dr. Noushin Behzadi

Dr. Noushin Behzadi
Born in Dec. 1991, in Bushehr city, She completed his studies in Isfahan city in experimental field and graduated in general medicine in 2019 from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Skin, hair, and body fitness simultaneously started teaching and performing beauty procedures in two departments, including: types of mesotherapy and mesogel, botox injection, injection of gels and fillers.

Also, currently, in addition to carrying out the aforementioned beauty procedures, we also provide training in the fields of mesotherapy, botox and filler injections, thread lifts, fat injections, and working with beauty devices and equipment.

One of the main interests of Dr. Noushin Behzadi is in the field of mesotherapy for the treatment of spots and freckles, rejuvenation and face lift, control and treatment of hair loss, acne control, acne treatment, as well as non-surgical body contouring and local size reduction.
For the first time, mesotherapy as a combination and effective treatment for skin and hair problems and local obesity was introduced and performed by Dr. Noushin Behzadi.
At the Diamond Center, all types of mesotherapy are performed with the latest treatment protocols for respected clients, as well Due to the lack of awareness of the mesotherapy treatment method among the people of the society and high costs for the treatment of spots, pimples and acne, hair loss, local slimming and body fitness, we decided to include the mesotherapy method in the category of beauty treatments, apart from the scope of teaching. Introduce to the general public.

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